The State Board Prep course is a one-day course to prepare the student for the State Board test. The typical student for this course will have either completed a Cosmetology program or Instructor program, but did not take the exam immediately after completing the program. This course will prepare the student in a brief review of the program they originally completed and provide a practice exam the student will face when taking the State Board. This course is fast-paced, giving you a lot of information in an extremely short period of time.

State Board Prep Program

Graduation and Certification Requirements

In order to graduate a student must:

Complete all program clock hour requirements, including:

All academic coursework and tests, achieving a minimum average of at least 75%;

Documented clinical services to meet minimum program requirements, as well as;

Documented clinical services to fulfill requirements for missed classroom hours;

Returned all borrowed BBA books and equipment;

Completed all enrollment file information and forms;

Paid all tuition and fees in full;

Completed all required work study requirements.

Upon completing the course and becoming certified as a registered professional, the graduate will qualify to operate an independent salon or work in a salon operated by someone else.


A certificate will be awarded to a student upon fulfillment of the student’s enrolled course requirements, the required number of mandated clock hours and full tuition payment. The diploma may be withheld from any qualified student who is in arrears in the payment of fees.

Academic Honors

A student with an average score of 95% or greater has achieved High Honors. A student with a score between 90% - 94% has achieved Honors.

Employment Assistance

While the Beyond Beauty Academy cannot guarantee employment for its graduates, we have a great working relationship with many spas and salons in our area. A listing of job opportunities will be posted on the bulletin board in the school. Every effort will be made to keep this listing up-to-date, and we will assist in every way we can to help our students obtain employment.

BBA encourages students to maintain satisfactory attendance, excel in their studies, as well as follow a code of conduct so they may be viewed favorably by prospective employers.

The curriculum includes classes on writing a resume, salon management and public relations that enables the graduating student the opportunity to achieve the type of salon setting that is best suited to meet their goals. Students who graduate from BBA will be successful in obtaining employment.

Course Length: 4 hours